Possum University poster illustration

possum university poster illustrationYesterday I went to see Monsters University.  I loved Monsters Inc so this was a must to see how Mike and Sully became friends and learnt their scaring ways.  I also like the end credits; in ‘Inc’ we saw the hilarious performance of the company play so I knew we should expect to see something fun in this one too.  It always amazes me when 98% of movie goers walk out before the first name in the credits appear.  Wait, sit down, you may miss something!

The first part of the credits show the scaring cards that Mike and Sully collected.  The second part, throughout the main credits, show little illustrations that I would class as exciting ziney illustrations; little posters and flyers advertising various university groups and associations and things.  The third part, right at the end… well, you will just have to watch the film to find out hahahaha!

I chose the second part and decided to illustrate my own poster, but for ‘Possum University’.  I just wonder what Ringo’s backstory would be – what would he have learnt from Possum University…?

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