Franki Sparke’s Visual Storytelling Course – Week 9/14

The week before in the lesson, we looked at book layout, by having thumbnails of each page displayed in front of you on one larger A3 page, which is also something that publishers look for.  Franki provided us with the story ‘The Poor Old Dog’, with which we were to translate into picture book format deciding what image and text goes on each page, and then to finish for homework.  From my previous experience, I knew I had to do roughs to get the number of pages exact, so I did my first thumbnails in my sketchbook, before applying to the A3 page.  Also in the lesson, Franki showed us a way to create a small picture book so you can apply the rough page layouts directly into book form so you have the added benefit of being able to turn the pages.  So I had a go at this for homework.

All was good, and I did get some constructive feedback on how to further enhance how to visual describe the character’s feelings in the story.

The other part of the homework was observation work on people with children, and here are mine:

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