The Great Oz Eddventure #62 – Atherton Birds of Prey One on One Emcounter with a Wedge Tailed Eagle

Leaving the Daintree, and heading back towards Cairns airport for our flight home, we took a slight detour towards the Atherton Tablelands.  Here, there is Atherton Birds of Prey through which I had prebooked a one on one encounter with their Wedge Tailed Eagle for us, which was a nice little surprise for Hazel. For those that have read my […]

Franki Sparke’s Visual Storytelling Course – Week 4/14

This was a very enjoyable productive non stop drawing week for me.  Firstly, through the observation work I am building confidence in carrying my sketchbook around with me, and even talking to people about what I am doing.  This weeks observation work was about body language, and these five are my favourite observational sketches of […]

The Great Oz Eddventure #55 – Wedge Tailed Eagles en route to Tidbinbilla

And there they were again, the magnificent Wedge Tailed Eagles of the Tidbinbilla region.  I couldn’t believe they were just waiting, perched on a branch, for me.  Thankfully on this occasion I had time to get my camera out, and even able to get to within 10 metres of the birds, to produce the below photos:

World Environment Day Colouring in Competition for Tidbinbilla

Tomorrow is World Environment Day, and my colleagues at Tidbinbilla asked me to create a colouring in competition, yay!!  So I created the above picture displaying a variety of local birds within their own environment (on the tree, on the water, and on the land). What is even better is that WED donate $10 to help the […]

The Great Oz Eddventure #37 – Wedge Tailed Eagles second appearance

First appearance can be found clicking on this sentence. Driving to work on Monday morning I was lucky again to see a Wedge Tailed Eagle at the side of the road munching on something dead.  I stopped as quick as I could.  I fumbled around in my bag trying to find my camera, and in […]

The Great Oz Eddventure #30 – Wedge Tailed Eagles

Driving to work last Tuesday I came across two Wedge Tailed Eagles sitting on the side of the road.  This is the largest wild flying bird I have ever seen – I was awe struck by it’s presence and size!  Lovely array of dark brown colours, and a pair of piercing eyes.  I just wish […]