Short break in Melbourne

This week I had a lovely but cold short break in Melbourne, and took some photos of what inspired my arty side, which included AC/DC Lane, the Zine exhibition at the State Library, and sketching time at the Royal Botanic Gardens. The highlight for me though was the Wallace and Gromit exhibition and once Ive […]

Sleeping Koala illustration

Last week we ventured along the Great Ocean Road.  On the road towards Cape Otway Lighthouse must be one of the best locations to spot koalas – there was almost one on every tree!  But the downside is that they are eating their way out of their habitat as trees were nearly bare of leaves.  But […]

The Great Oz Eddventure Continues To Kangaroo Island

Welcome to Kangaroo Island!! At the end of October Hazel and I visited the very beautiful Kangaroo Island in South Australia.  As always, my sketchbook was at hand and below are the illustrations of some of the wonderful wildlife we came across, which KI is known for. Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo   The first […]

Sketches From Stradbroke Island – Whalewatching & aTurtle!

Last weekend we went to Stradbroke Island – absolutely beautiful!  Not only did we see a koala and a kangaroo, but also a whole bunch of ocean wildlife to marvel over without even having to get wet!!  We saw humpback whales, turtles, bottlenose dolphins and manta rays!! So, as always, the sketchbook came with me […]

Welcome to Queensland..

Being an Australian nature lover I was keenly looking everywhere for anything.  I’d obviously been Canberra-ised thinking that all city’s must have kangaroos hopping across the roads, and flocks of galahs and cockatoos on street corners, but not Queensland, you have to search just a little bit harder through the sprawling city life…As we were […]