Picture Book Workshop with Katherine Battersby

Illustration of a cute possum ready to make a picture book

Last weekend I travelled over to Toowoomba to take part in a one day Picture Book workshop with author/illustrator Katherine Battersby.  Katherine is the creator of the adorable little Squish Rabbit picture book series, and as I could relate to creating cute little characters I knew this would be a workshop truly inspiring.

Katherine had put the day together very well.¬† She¬†covered topics of the history of children’s books, and¬†creating your own ideas into picture books from the initial idea/brainstorm all the way through to interacting with publishers.

So I was very grateful to learn a lot from the workshop to help me along my way.  My above little possum with his sketchbook emerged on my lunchbreak as I was getting motivated and inspired through the day.

Sketch of Koala and Possum admiring the view of Brisbane

sketch of Koala & Possum enjoying the mountain view

The weekend before last we went to Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens.  And whilst we were having lunch there I peered over my shoulder to take in the view of Brisbane.  Then, quickly turning to a page in my sketchbook I turned the view into the world of Cute Australia and placed Koala and Possum at the top of a hill admiring the view.

Possum, Koala and Emu playing AFL

Illustration of possum, koala and emu playing AFL

Today we saw our first live AFL game at the Gabba.  Yes, it has only taken us four years to see our first match, and what a game to pick with the Brisbane Lions beating Melbourne!  So to mark the occasion I thought I would illustrate my characters into the game, so here you have Emu, Possum and Koala playing AFL.