Turtle Bag for the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, Easter Platypus and Brisbane Social Sketching

This month was super exciting as I created a very cute green turtle hatchling illustration for the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.  The illustration was then printed on to 2000 (yes 2000!) tote bags to be handed out at World Science Fair in Brisbane.  Kids were able to colour them in at the GBRF marquee and […]

Cute Platypus Drawing

  A cute little platypus drawing šŸ˜Š   I thought I would combine World Animal Day with Inktober‘s underwater theme and come up with a cute Australian Animal – and platypus ticked both those boxes as they are such a unique critter being the only egg laying mammal in the world.

Platypus by Frankenstein

When Europeans first discovered the platypus they thought it was a hoax and that someone had actually sewn together a duck and a beaver!Ā  So with my forth monsterĀ horror movie at the GOMA being Frankenstein, who pieced together his own human to bring alive, I thought what if Frankenstein had been the one to sew […]