Cute Koala illustration preview in Photoshop for EARTH HOUR

Cute Koala Hugging Earth illustration Photoshop Preview

Preview in Photoshop of Cute Koala Illustration for Earth Hour

Further to yesterdays sketch of my cute little sleeping koala here is in getting coloured in in Photoshop..!

How cute is it going to be?!

So when you switch off on Saturday remember to love and hug the Earth!

Using Adobe Photoshop to colour in cute Tasmanian Devil illustration

cute tasmanian devil cartoon illustration adobe photoshop

Cute Tassie Devil illustration being coloured in Photoshop

Following on fro yesterday’s sketch of this cute Tasmanian Devil illustration that I am designing for Australia Day, here it is now in Adobe Photoshop as I begin to digitally colour it in.  Isn’t the little Devil turning out to be a cute little star?

Come back on Thursday for the finished deign!!!

New “Koala Bear” Design ready in Photoshop

Cute Koala Bear clothing design Photoshop by Edd Cross

“Koala Bear” Design Ready in Photoshop

Further to yesterdays post of the Koala Bear sketch, here is the design now coloured in Photoshop.  Looking pretty good!  As soon Hazel opened the door and saw it on my screen she fell in love with design!

Just wait till you see the t-shirts…!!

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Ringo Ringtail Possum and Z Koala are just 2 cute!

So I had just finished another sketchbook and when I flicked back through I came across this little gem of an illustration of Ringo the Ringtail Possum and Z the Sleepy Koala with just the words ‘2 cute’ as there are two of them and they are too cute!

Cute sketch of Ringo Ringtail Possum and Z Koala

So I couldn’t resist tracing the illustration into Adobe Illustrator and then finishing off the colour including a bush themed background in Adobe Photoshop.


Cute illustration of Ringo Ringtail Possum and Z Koala