Leafy Sea Dragon

On Easter Monday and Tuesday I went diving at Ulladulla and Jervis Bay with Indepth Scuba.  It was great to be back under the water again and to hang out with some fellow divers.  The highlight for me was seeing large wobbegong sharks (bigger than the other divers) and a couple of small Leafy Sea Dragons.  When I got home I couldn’t wait to make this pastel picture showing the sea dragon as it remained in my memory.  These little sea dragons also reminded me of stretched out kangaroos as you can probably make out this shape in my picture! 

Inspired By: Surrealism

This time I have taken an interest in surrealism.  And out of all the books I got out of the library I took most liking to ‘The Tree Show’ by Mark Ryden – his website is worth a look, his imagination and realism is something else!!
I liked the theme of making something big but still having a believable aspect – and so I adopted that into my two images above – a rather large emu sitting on the mountains, and a large tree with human characteristics.
It was fun to do!!  I have been wanting to make a large emu for awhile now!

The Great Oz Eddventure #87 – Flowering Grassy Tree/Xanthorrhoea (pastel)

The Xanthorrhoea has a common name of Grassy Tree due to it having a dark trunk with a grassy top.  A bush fire is required for it to flower, but a Ranger at Tidbinbilla lit the grassy part and then a few months later the the metre long flower started to shoot.  It is such an impressive and unusual design that it captivated me to spend 10 minutes before work making this pastel picture.