Possum University poster illustration

possum university poster illustrationYesterday I went to see Monsters University.  I loved Monsters Inc so this was a must to see how Mike and Sully became friends and learnt their scaring ways.  I also like the end credits; in ‘Inc’ we saw the hilarious performance of the company play so I knew we should expect to see something fun in this one too.  It always amazes me when 98% of movie goers walk out before the first name in the credits appear.  Wait, sit down, you may miss something!

The first part of the credits show the scaring cards that Mike and Sully collected.  The second part, throughout the main credits, show little illustrations that I would class as exciting ziney illustrations; little posters and flyers advertising various university groups and associations and things.  The third part, right at the end… well, you will just have to watch the film to find out hahahaha!

I chose the second part and decided to illustrate my own poster, but for ‘Possum University’.  I just wonder what Ringo’s backstory would be – what would he have learnt from Possum University…?

Possum – Angel or Devil?

Cute possum illustration - Angel or Devil?

The final Monster Horror film I saw at GOMA was Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the story of how one man could unleash his sinister alter ego and live two separate lives.  Caught in the midst of the two characters was one female lead character who, unknown to her that they were actually the same person, described each one as an Angel and a Devil.

It always intrigues me how with possums, people either love or hate them.  Obviously you love them because they are absolutely cute and adorable.  Then some hate them for all their devilish nightime antics; walking loudly on the roof, their screeching calls, or eating fruit from their garden.  I personally find their devilish antics only adds to their charm 🙂

So, do you find possums Angels or Devils?

Platypus by Frankenstein

Platypus by Frankenstein

When Europeans first discovered the platypus they thought it was a hoax and that someone had actually sewn together a duck and a beaver!  So with my forth monster horror movie at the GOMA being Frankenstein, who pieced together his own human to bring alive, I thought what if Frankenstein had been the one to sew together the duck and beaver and to bring alive the platypus..

Have a pint with a werewolf?

Werewolf with pint

Film no 3 of my monster horror film watching series at the GOMA was to see An American Werewolf in London.  I had never seen this before but it was quite nice to reminisce at the start of the movie with the Yorkshire accents, and especially seeing an English pub.  So I guess that is what inspired me to have the werewolf with a pint.  Not sure he would make a good drinking buddy though!

koala meets Gizmo from Gremlins

Cute illustration of koala meeting gizmo from gremlins

Currently at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane they are showing a range of old school ‘monster’ horror films.  So I bought a five day film pass to satisfy the horror fan inside of me, and the first film to see was Gremlins with the adorably cute Gizmo!

It struck me that Gizmo is very much like a koala – cute, small and cuddly and need to be treated with responsibility.  So just to recap on those responsibilities: no sunlight, no water, and no feeding after midnight, all create havoc for our little Gizmo.  In the film, when water is accidently dropped on Gizmo he multiplies and creates 6 more babies in a matter of minutes, which unfortunately all turn out evil.  What about koala?  They need their habitat protecting as they are a threatened species as their numbers are in decline.

So in a world where Koala meets Gizmo on a wet stormy night, Gizmo says to Koala “If only the rain water made you multiply”.


A common question I kept being asked was ‘what movies did you see on the plane?’.  So here is a post showing which movies I saw on and off the plane:
Back in the UK I saw Cowboys and Aliens.  If you are a fan of Daniel Craig’s butt then this is for you, but it was a good action flick.

 On the plane tmy two favourite films were Thor and Pirates 4.  You can’t not like Jack Sparrow; and Thor surpassed my expectations even so that I watched it agan on the return flight (I tried to recently get into the comic books after watching the film, but it seems totally different – in my opinion the film is much better than the comic books I read – I think they created a good level of humour that was lacking in the books).

A leaving present that I got from Tidbinbilla was the film documentary Kangaroo Faces in the Mob.  I watched it back in the UK whilst I was having a kangaroo missing moment, and this film is fantastic.  It is a two year documentary study following the antics of a certain mob of kangaroos.  It is full of interesting facts to learn from, excellent footage, and unfortunately a very sad moment in the film.