The Great Oz Eddventure #100 – Cartoon Tasting Platter

Living in Australia you have to visit a few vineyards to do some wine tasting.  Whilst we were in Orange I spotted a ‘wine tasting platter’ sheet of paper that I have seen used in other vineyards which gave me the idea to do a ‘cartoon tasting platter’.  As you can probably make out, the wine tasting platter offers a selection of four different wines, and you put the glass for each wine on a circle (instead of the squares) and the description below it details the wine and which foods to match it up with on your platter.  So my cartoon tasting platter shows my different characters and their details to see which ones you prefer!

And then here are The Dark Artists sharing in the wine tasting experience with us!!

The Great Oz Eddventure #63 – Moving House

Last weekend, we moved house, just a bit further North within Canberra.  Whilst packing things into boxes, I envisaged this image of packing my characters to take with me.  So from York, we have Grilla and Minster Man, and from Australia my new characters.  And now we finally have internet connection again I can continue with my blogging – hoorah!

Minster Man 2 – Bonfire Night

Zach Peterson is York’s Hero Minster Man. In this sequel (Bonfire Night) Zach must come to terms with why he is Minster Man and the responsibilities that come with it. On 5th November Vyking plots her revenge against Minster Man, but they will both soon face two new characters that also have their own destructive motives. Minster Man must resolve these conflicts before York Minster becomes the bonfire. Bonfire Night includes scenes from York including Millennium Bridge, York Minster and Mickelgate.

Internet updates!!

Hi all,

I would just like to keep you up to date with where you can find me on the internet as both Minster Man and Grilla now have their own blogs, pages and groups!:

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So see you all in the wonderful cyber world!