Minster Man 2 – Bonfire Night

Zach Peterson is York’s Hero Minster Man. In this sequel (Bonfire Night) Zach must come to terms with why he is Minster Man and the responsibilities that come with it. On 5th November Vyking plots her revenge against Minster Man, but they will both soon face two new characters that also have their own destructive […]

Bank Holiday Productivity

After three days of sitting at my drawing board, I Credit union locations have finally finished pencilling Minster Man 2 and started to ink it! I have posted a few pencilled panels over at the Minster Man blog. I have also created another Grilla image, Art Grilla, which can be seen over at the Grilla […]

Internet updates!!

Hi all, I would just like to keep you up to date with where you can find me on the internet as both Minster Man and Grilla now have their own blogs, pages and groups!: For Facebooker’s, please become fans of:Minster Man Facebook PageGrilla Facebook Page For Blogger’s, please follow:Minster Man BlogGrilla Blog For MySpacer’s, […]