Found a friend at the Australian Koala Foundation

Brisbane cartoon illustrator at Australian Koala Foundation

This week I had a great catch up meeting with the team at the Australian Koala Foundation where we discussed my ongoing cartoons and illustrations for their koala army.  I can’t wait for the next couple of months as I have a little project for their character Urban.  So watch this space…

Whilst I was at their office I found this big cuddly koala friend over my shoulder haha!

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Cute Australian Wildlife Merchandise – Clothing and Gifts

Cute australian wildlife clothing T-Shirts

Further to yesterdays popular designs post here is a selection of my favourite cute Australian wildlife designs showcased on a variety of T-shirts from my RedBubble shop.

Are they cute or what?  Featuring my adorable illustrated koala and possum characters they make perfect gifts.

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Cute Australian Wildlife Merchandise – Popular Designs

Cute australian wildlife merchandise t-shirts gifts souvenirs

As the year is drawing to a close I’d like to report that the most popular designs that have been purchased this year that feature my cute Australian Wildlife designs are the sleepy koalas with their love hearts, and the animal duo Koala Bear.  I’d like to thank everyone who has purchased products with my designs on it’s very appreciated and I hope you are enjoying them 🙂

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Happy Customer wearing cute Koala Bear T-Shirt

cute koala bear cartoon illustrated t-shirt happy customer


Check out Michelle showing off her new Koala Bear t-shirt!

Michelle recently showed off her new t-shirt on Instagram featuring my very cute cartoon illustrated koala character.  She said it was a very cool t-shirt and has shown it off in many Instagram photos!!  Thanks Michelle 🙂

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“Every Tree Needs A (Koala) Star” – Christmas Card 2017

Every tree needs a star cute koala christmas card

And let me present to you this years cute Australian wildlife Christmas card – “Every Tree Needs A Star”!

The iconic star of the Australian bush is the koala and the conservation message is that koalas needs trees and in a time of deforestation and habitat loss they are becoming an endangered species.

So I would just like to raise some awareness for our cute little koala this Christmas.

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Cute Australian Wildlife Mugs

Cute australian wildlife Mugs


Another awesome product that I like are the mugs.  I think my cute illustrated Australian wildlife designs look really cool on a mug – what do you reckon?

The attached image showcases mugs from my RedBubble shop featuring my adorable koala and possum characters.

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Cute Australian Wildlife Christmas Cards

Cute australian wildlife Christmas Cards

Ooh this week I have sold a few Possum Christmas Cards already so now is a great time for me to show you my selection of cute Australian wildlife Christmas cards.  My illustrated range features koalas and possums.

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