In celebration of Grant Holt signing a new contract for Norwich City…

 Holt Lightyear Hoody  New product The Incredible Holt hip flask! First thing I have created new merchandise for ‘Holt Lightyear’!! For the full range please click here And secondly, I have discounted both Holt Lightyear and The Incredible Holt merchandise by a good few dollars/pounds and will only last until Friday midnight […]

Holt Lightyear – To The Premiership & Beyond!!

 Grant Holt + Buzz Lightyear = Holt Lightyear!!  And so here is my second image for, which went up live last week.  The last few times Holt has scored he has been celebrating with his arms out like wings.  And I just kept thinking about Buzz Lightyear from Disney’s Toy Story with […]

The Incredible Holt!

I have recently been in touch with Matt from the Holtamania website.  Holtamania is his fan based website of Norwich City Football Club, with a particular focus on the captain/striker Grant Holt.  It is very well followed and therefore respected within the fan community, so I felt very privileged when he asked if Iwould like to make a […]