Happy Customer wearing cute Koala Bear T-Shirt

cute koala bear cartoon illustrated t-shirt happy customer


Check out Michelle showing off her new Koala Bear t-shirt!

Michelle recently showed off her new t-shirt on Instagram featuring my very cute cartoon illustrated koala character.  She said it was a very cool t-shirt and has shown it off in many Instagram photos!!  Thanks Michelle 🙂

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Cute Ringo the Ringtail Possum Travel Coffee Mug!

cute ringo ringtail possum cartoon illustrated coffee mug

How awesome is this!?  One of my friends showed me a travel mug they bought from my online store at Redbubble featuring my very cute cartoon illustration of Ringo the Ringtail Possum having a snooze after eating all the biscuits!

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Cute Koala with Hearts Illustrated Cushion

Cushion Cue koala with hearts illustration

Cute Koala Cushion

Now doesn’t that sofa chair look extra comfy with a cute koala cushion?  The koala is so comfy he is having a snooze 🙂

This is the latest customer provided photo of my merchandise featuring the very popular and cute sleeping koala on a tree with hearts for leaves.

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Stay tuned because new merchandise is coming this weekend..!

HAPPY CUSTOMERS: I Met Some Fans wearing cute koala kids t-shirts!! :-)

Happy customers cute australian wildlife t-shirts kids children koala

Two little happy customers!

Wahoo – earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting two little happy customers!  We were at the Wynnum Manly outdoor cinema with Hazel’s work colleague and his family and they surprised me with their two daughters wearing t-shirts with my koala designs on!  Don’t they look awesomely cute?!

I was further delighted to hear that they were really looking forward to meeting the designer of their t-shirts!!  I felt famous for a brief moment 🙂

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Happy Customer wearing cute koala T-shirt with Hearts

Happy Customer of cute t-shirt koala with hearts in tree

And here is my Happy Customer for March!  It’s Olga from Tasmania who received the cute koala with hearts t-shirt design for Christmas!  How awesome!

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Cute Koala Bear T-Shirt at Little Gnome Bookshop Wynnum

Happy Customer of Cute Koala Bear T-Shirt

Check out the latest happy customer wearing one of my cute Australia Wildlife T-Shirts!  This is Jack from Wynnum’s awesome independent bookshop and café Little Gnome wearing the cute Koala Bear design that he received for Christmas.

Little Gnome is fantastic bookshop that stocks a wide range of books from independent authors and illustrators, serves delicious coffees and choc fudge brownies, and hold various events where you can meet local authors!!  For more information please visit Little Gnome’s website, or click on the Facebook link in the image above.

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