Tid By Torchlight

Last Thursday was the first Tid by Torchlight tour run by Conservation Volunteer’s Naturewise Conservation Holidays at Tidbinbilla.  As it was the first trial run of this tour we got to go along to experience it.  It offers a great evening which even includes a bbq at the Visitor Information Centre.  The walk itself was pleasant as Tidbinbilla always is.  Unfortunately our night didn’t prove fruitful of nocturnal animals but the clear Tidbinbilla sky did provide a perfect view of the Milky Way through the canopy of trees, thus providing my inspiration to create this picture. 


Last week at Tidbinbilla we came across a Southern Boobook Owl within the Sanctuary, so with it’s shape in my mind I made this image in my day off yesterday!

Such a cute owl, I hope I get to see it again…

Inspired By: Horror Movie Posters

Continuing my ‘Inspired By’ themes, this time I chose horror movie posters.  So I got a book out of the library which had a vast collection of horror posters in it and I chose 3 which I could adopt into my own style with Australian wildlife!!
So the first poster was for ‘The Killer Shrews’, and so I changed it to ‘The Killer Roos’, changing the image of the tail of a shrew to that of an Eastern Grey Kangaroo!

Next was ‘King Kong’ which I just had to change to ‘Koala Kong’!!  And instead of Kong being at the top of the Empire State Building, Koala Kong is on top of the Australian Parliament building.  I have also changed the female role to have red hair to reflect Julia Gillard who is Australia’s Prime Minster.

And finally is ‘An American Werewolf in London’ which I have obviously changed to ‘An Australian Kangaroo in London’!

I also wanted to use a different medium for each poster, and so it was inks for The Killer Roos, pencils for Koala Kong, and gouache for An Australian Kangaroo in London.

Inspired By: Pop Art

In the middle of last week I wanted to illustrate a kangaroo and an emu differently.  And I remembered from the Visual Storytelling course that Franki mentioned to get inspiration from a genre in art history (you may remember that I previously did this with Aboriginal Rock Art), so I chose Pop Art!  I got some books out of the library and was largely influenced by bold colours and the large comic panels by Roy Lichtenstein, and the way in which he portrayed lithographic printing by using dots in his artwork.
I impressed myself with how it turned out.  I like the simple cuteness it creates!
And then I also couldn’t resist creating the below image: