Inktober & World Habitat Day koala conservation cartoon illustration

So I thought I would combine World Habitat Day and Inktober‘s theme for the day which is ‘Divided’.   Due to urbanisation a lot of wildlife habitat is becoming fragmented. Once the habitat is divided, the wildlife then have to make their own way between their territories and in search of homes and food. This […]

Save the Koala Day Conservation Sketch Illustration

  Wahoo today is Save the Koala Day and therefore I was hoping to find a koala today but unfortunately to no avail.  To tell the truth I haven’t seen one in quite some time.  It just really highlights the endangered status of these beautiful marsupials that even my sightings are becoming rare from when […]

September Newsletter and Dates for Calendar

  September is here and in the calendar this month is the adorable sleeping koala, Ringo the Ringtail Possum, Kookaburra and Long Necked Turtle.  Adorable or what?!  To see the full calendar please click here. Today I have sent out my September newsletter providing all the latest news from my cute little world of Australian […]

Reef Blitz Moreton Bay

Reef Blitz Moreton Bay On Sunday Hazel and I joined a Reef Blitz boat trip to Moreton Bay to St Helen Island to help with some citizen science.  It was a joint arrangement by Reef Check, Coral Watch and Mangrove Watch, with each organisation providing lots of great information about how we can all help collect […]