Personal Arty Updates for April

  So here is a run down of all the arty things I’ve been getting up to over the last few weeks… Firstly, I have been setting aside a lot of time for story and character development for Ringo the Ringtail Possum.  I would like to finally create a picture book for this cute little […]

Cute Possum Blown Away Merch, Koala project coloured in, Robocop WIP, Paint & Plonk and bird photos

  Wow, so May disappeared really quick as I was super absorbed in a large project for the Australian Koala Foundation, another fun Ringo merchandise image, a technical digital illustration of Robocop and a couple of paintings at Raw Art’s Paint and Plonk.   This month Ringo the Ringtail Possum has been blown away by […]

A love catching possum, Koala cartoon work in progress, Monthly Social Sketches and a trip to Curious Affection

Hi everyone and welcome to my April blog post 🙂  Here you will find ‘Love Catching’, my latest cute design for Ringo the Ringtail Possum, a cartoon work in progress for the Australian Koala Foundation, a bunch of pictures from the social art groups I attend, my selection of images from the amazing ‘Curious Affection’ […]

Turtle Bag for the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, Easter Platypus and Brisbane Social Sketching

This month was super exciting as I created a very cute green turtle hatchling illustration for the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.  The illustration was then printed on to 2000 (yes 2000!) tote bags to be handed out at World Science Fair in Brisbane.  Kids were able to colour them in at the GBRF marquee and […]

Sweet Dreams Cute Koala Illustration, Del Kathryn Barton and Paint and Plonking!

… and now I catch up with February… And what a cute way to start this blog post then with my very cute Z the sleeping koala cartoon character.  Z loves to sleep (well, he is a koala!) and he loves to have sweet dreams, and in this illustration I have replaced certain aspects of […]

Cute Fairy Penguin, Collage Attempting and Social Sketching

Wow, I have neglected my blog posting this year so far.  I have just been looking at my business strategy for the coming year and have decided to do monthly roundup posts  instead of posting every little piece of news as I go along.  Please do follow me on my social media profiles if you […]

Third koala (sketch) in three days at Whites Hill Reserve, Brisbane

  I feel very lucky to have seen my third koala in three days at Whites Hill Reserve in Brisbane.  From seeing non for months and then suddenly three it was very exciting.  I hope I continue to see them again. As always, I had to sketch the cute little marsupial.