Blog update

My blog is processed through Blogger, and from there I ftp’ed it to my domain so I could keep it consistent with my home page (under, now blogger is withdrawing this ability, and I am returning my blog back to blogger’s hosting (as you can see in the blog’s new address). So blogger now requires me […]

Attempting to construct a new website…

I have been in Oz for a few months now and so it is about time I updated my website to reflect where I am now.  I am just at the initial stages of it, so bear with me!  Meanwhile, keep continuing to check my blog here for all updates.

Internet updates!!

Hi all, I would just like to keep you up to date with where you can find me on the internet as both Minster Man and Grilla now have their own blogs, pages and groups!: For Facebooker’s, please become fans of:Minster Man Facebook PageGrilla Facebook Page For Blogger’s, please follow:Minster Man BlogGrilla Blog For MySpacer’s, […]