Thank you to those who bought my cute Aussie Wildlife Products in April 😁

  A big thank you to everyone who bought my products in April.  To coincide with Easter the sleeping Koala on an Easter Egg greeting card was bought, and other popular Koala designs were sleeping on a tree with heart leaves and sleeping with a sloth.  The bouncing kangaroo continues to popular which is one […]

Halloween Greeting Cards Australia – featuring cute Possum and Bilby

Looking for something different for Halloween? How about a greeting card featuring either Ringo the Ringtail Pumpkin, or the Zombilby…?! Great fun for Aussie wildlife lovers who like something a little bit cute and original. Please see my Cute Australian Wildlife Shop for all available designs and merch! 

Zombilby: Zombie Bilby gifts, merchandise and clothing in the Cute Australian Wildlife Shop

And for this years Halloween image is the cute Zombilby. Did you know that the bilby is an endangered marsupial due to feral predators and habitat loss? So I decided to bring it back alive as a zombie to seek revenge! This image is available on a range of merchandise (including , clothing (including t-shirts, […]

Zombilby – Zombie Bilby illustration for Halloween Australia

Remember the Zombilby (Zombie Bilby) I created a few weeks ago? Well here is some work in progress on that illustration. I decided to go back to basics and use pencils and markers to colour it in prior to scanning it in and touching it up in Photoshop. Do you like it? Next thing is to […]