Huntsman Spider Cartoon Illustration for Australian Koala Foundation

  The latest cartoon character that I have created for the Australian Koala Foundation’s Koala Army is the huntsman spider.  Here is the character, as recently featured on last weeks email newsletter.  I armed the huntsman with insect spray, a shoe and fly swat for squishing and a tupperware container for trapping. For more information […]

The Ibis Bin Chicken Cartoon Character I Created for the Australian Koala Foundation

  In one of the recent email updates from the Australian Koala Foundation I was excited to see the Ibis Bin Chicken cartoon character that I had developed for them.  From the variety of character images that I provided they selected the Ibis casually resting on his bin and slotted it amongst their poster collateral. […]

Carrier Pigeon Character Design for the Australian Koala Foundation

  The little carrier pigeon I developed for the Koala Foundation has made another appearance in an email in February which was lovely to see.  Its great to assist in broadening the character range for the Koala Army. For more information about the AKF’s Koala Army, please follow this link:

Wildlife Cartoon Characters for the Australian Koala Foundation

In 2018 I had the privilege to be able to continue developing Aussie wildlife Cartoon Characters for the Australian Koala Foundation. This included an ibis (aka Bin Chicken), Queen Bee, Magpie (forming the Swooping Squadron), and a carrier pigeon. These characters all join the existing Koala Army story featuring Urban the Koala. Stay tuned for […]

Cute Possum Blown Away Merch, Koala project coloured in, Robocop WIP, Paint & Plonk and bird photos

  Wow, so May disappeared really quick as I was super absorbed in a large project for the Australian Koala Foundation, another fun Ringo merchandise image, a technical digital illustration of Robocop and a couple of paintings at Raw Art’s Paint and Plonk.   This month Ringo the Ringtail Possum has been blown away by […]

A love catching possum, Koala cartoon work in progress, Monthly Social Sketches and a trip to Curious Affection

Hi everyone and welcome to my April blog post 🙂  Here you will find ‘Love Catching’, my latest cute design for Ringo the Ringtail Possum, a cartoon work in progress for the Australian Koala Foundation, a bunch of pictures from the social art groups I attend, my selection of images from the amazing ‘Curious Affection’ […]

Found a friend at the Australian Koala Foundation

This week I had a great catch up meeting with the team at the Australian Koala Foundation where we discussed my ongoing cartoons and illustrations for their koala army.  I can’t wait for the next couple of months as I have a little project for their character Urban.  So watch this space… Whilst I was […]