Artwork for the Green Heart Fair

This month has been super exciting!  At the end of September I was contacted by Brisbane City Council to provide some artwork for their marquee at the Green Heart Fair.  This fair focuses on sustainability and environmental initiatives which is very exciting being an enthusiast of all things Australian wildlife!

They had two face-cut out boards that required some attention.  So the first part of the brief was to create two characters that will go on to the boards.

Long necked turtle and sugar glider

 So along came a Long Necked Turtle and a Sugar Glider!!

Then there was also part two of the brief.  With the two painted boards to be outside the marquee, inside the marquee they required cartoon illustrations of the characters performing different actions of sustainability.

Edd Cross – Artist in action!!

So after an exciting challenging month 8 cartoon images were provided and the boards painted.  The Fair is tomorrow and I cannot wait to go and see all the illustrations ‘in action’!!  The boards were completed a few hours ago and here is a picture of my head in each:

Painted long neck turtle face cut out board

Painted sugar glider face cut out board

I’ll do another blog tomorrow showing everything in situation and a look at the cartoon illustrations.

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