Cute Emu and Koala Valentine’s Cartoon

Ive had this little scenario in my head for awhile now as I’ve been developing an emu character. The emu is extremely excited to be able to reveal they secretly admire their Valentine. But the valentine is a koala and being asleep unfortunately the emu can’t reveal their admiration.

Koala loves Eucalypt love koala Valentine’s Pattern

I thought I would try a pattern out. Here is a simple cute cartoon illustration showing koala loves Eucalypt leaves loves koala and so on. What do you think of it? Available on a range of merchandise products including t-shirts, kids clothing, cushions, bags, mugs and more at my Redbubble shop

Wildlife Cartoon Characters for the Australian Koala Foundation

In 2018 I had the privilege to be able to continue developing Aussie wildlife Cartoon Characters for the Australian Koala Foundation. This included an ibis (aka Bin Chicken), Queen Bee, Magpie (forming the Swooping Squadron), and a carrier pigeon. These characters all join the existing Koala Army story featuring Urban the Koala. Stay tuned for […]