From gorgeous collages to large complex artworks to intricate line drawings to the expressive movie Red I was in total awe – there was so much going on in so many levels in both artistic styles and deeper meanings that a day within the gallery was not enough to fully appreciate the finer detail and to just be graced in its presence.

So I had to buy the accompanying book and I haven’t stop putting it down. It’s addictive, inspiring and there’s so much to keep getting out of each image.

Here’s a selection of some of my favourite images for you to enjoy. I would highly recommend seeing the exhibition. This is my inspiration for the year!”

Del Kathryn Barton Del Kathryn Barton Del Kathryn Barton Del Kathryn Barton Del Kathryn Barton Del Kathryn Barton

And in February I got stuck into the Paint and Plonk sessions at Raw Art in West End.  An evening of either life drawing or painting where you can bring your own bottle of wine and be social with other artists – perfect!!  Here is a female figure from life drawing and some roses from still life painting:

Social Sketch Raw Art Life Drawing Pain & Plonk Raw Art Still Life

I also went along to my first Brisbane Painting and Drawing Meetup Group for the year where we sketched in the arboretum.  Was such a lovely day:

Sweet Dreams extremely cute koala cartoon illustration

Now to tackle the March blog post…