Zine Marketplace at Queensland Poetry Festival

  Here are a few photos of my table at the zine marketplace as part of the Queensland Poetry Festival this weekend.  It was great to interact with so many creative people in Brisbane and to showcase my mini comics and greeting cards featuring possums, koalas and other cute Australian wildlife.

Ringo the Ringtail Possum – Cute Australian Wildlife Comics

The best way to spend your Brisbane public holiday is folding, stapling and cutting your mini comics ready for the Zine and Indie Comic Symposium at the weekend! Here are my two comics featuring the very cute Ringo the Ringtail Possum: – Ringo and Roobot – Life on the Line … So come along to […]

Cute Koala Sketch Illustration with Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence lyrics

  What better way to get ready to go out to an 80’s alternative club tonight is a cute koala with the lyrics of Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence! I love dancing to this song, but I feel the words are also powerful to the koalas story as hugging the tree is all they want […]