Work In Progress: Melomys Cartoon for Wildlife Australia Magazine

Wildlife Australia Magazine Cartoon Work In Progress Here are a couple of photos from my work in progress for the Wildlife Queensland Magazine cartoon.  Over the past couple of months ideas went back and forth with the magazine editor to endeavour to produce the cartoon that would compliment the article, Learning form Loss, the best. […]

A Closer look at my cartoon in Wildlife Australia Magazine

“Two cute melomys available immediately for a captive breeding program” And here is a closer look at my cartoon in the Wildlife Australia magazine.  Out of the three extinct animals the article focused on, I chose the bramble cay melomys as I enjoyed capturing their cuteness and they have huge visual impact.  These melomys are the first mammal to […]

Wildlife Australia Magazine Centrefold Spot for my Cartoon!

My Cartoon got the Centrefold spot in Wildlife Australia Magazine! I must admit I wasn’t expecting this.  I got a banner image and centrefold spot in the Wildlife Australia Magazine!!  My cartoon helps to illustrate an article called ‘Learning From Loss’ where scientist ask why wildlife extinctions don’t have inquests into their deaths like humans […]

It’s Arrived: Australian Wildlife Magazine featuring my cartoon!!!

Exciting – Wildlife Australia Magazine with my cartoon has arrived! Here it is, finally arrived in my letterbox – the Wildlife Australia Magazine that features my cartoon – wahoo!!  Now which page is it on… find out tomorrow! Have you got a copy of it?  You can buy them here for Wildlife Queensland website…

NEW MERCH: Super Cute Koala Hugging Earth Design (available on clothing, homewares and stationery)

Super Cute Sleeping Koala Hugging Earth Merchandise Check this out!  My latest cute merchandise featuring Z the Sleepy Koala hugging the Earth. Do you like it? This is the design that I created for Earth Hour to show support for switching off for changing climate change.  And I think it looks really nice on some […]

EARTH HOUR: A cute sleeping Koala Hugging the Earth!!

Cute Sleeping Koala Hugging the Earth for Earth Hour Here is the final illustration for Earth Hour that I have been working on this month featuring a cute koala hugging the Earth.  What do you think? Did I make it cute enough? Earth Hour is 8.30PM local time this evening where we should all switch […]

Cute Sleeping Koala Hugging Earth Merchandise Preview

Cute Koala Hugging Earth Merchandise Preview Ok, so I couldn’t resist putting the cute koala illustration I am working on for Earth Hour on to some merchandise in my RedBubble shop.  It’s far too cute to not go on a t-shirt at least haha!  And that way you can show you love the Earth and your support […]

Initial Koala Sketch Design for EARTH HOUR

Earth Hour – Koala Sketch Design Earth Hour is approaching on Saturday 25th where for one hour of the day everyone needs to switch everything off to show your support for changing climate change.  So to illustrate the occasion I have chosen the very cute Z the Sleeping Koala, who is normally hugging trees, this […]