Three Tables at Comic St that Inspired Me

Dan Watts at Comic St Brisbane Camila Duran at Comic St Brisbane Brendan Foley at Comic St Brisbane

Three Tables at Comic St that Inspired Me

There were three tables at Comic St that gave me a little bit of inspiration – Dan Watts, Camila Duran, and Brendan Foley

First up is Dan Watts, who was my table buddy for the day.  I liked the way that Dan put his characters front and centre of his display to draw you into his comic.

And across the aisle from me was Camila Duran and Brendan Foley.   Camila had some awesome greenery decorating her table which immediately grabbed my attention in a sea of paper and ink.  A couple of weeks ago I had considered also bringing a branch or some leaves to do something similar so I must say it was nice to see her table design.  Brendan’s comic was immediately eye catching – I think it was the colour scheme and top corner being cut off that really made it striking from across the aisle!

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