Sketches of Termite Nests

Sketches of Termite Nests Termite Nests are fascinating and frustrating.  Whenever I see a large round lump on a tree a part of me gets excited thinking that I have spotted a koala, but then looking more keenly I see that it is a termite nest.  But their shapes are intriguing, because if you let your […]

Small Bird Sketches

Small Birds captured my inspiration last week.  I love the way that pardalotes and wag tails hop along branches and being so small you could almost mistake them for leaves themselves. So my sketches show the birds on branches at the same size as the leaves.  Such cute little things. — If you would like […]

Bush Turkey Sketches

On my lunchtime walk last week the lovely local bush turkey crossed my path so I had about 2 minutes to quickly sketch all of their movements before they disappeared.  They are such fun and comical birds.  I could spend all day sketching them 🙂 — If you would like to receive my sketches please sign up […]

Three Things I Learnt From ZICS 2016

Here’s the second of three posts from my day at ZICS on Sunday.  This one focuses on three things I learnt: 1. Your table needs height A couple of things that stood out to me were Ashcan’s mini easel on their table holding up a comic, and Tom Caffrey’s self built A-Frame that stood about […]