Can I see your Kookaburra sketch?

Brisbane illustrator Edd Cross quick sketch of a kookaburra

Can I see your Kookaburra sketch?  That was the question I was asked on my lunchtime walk today.  I showed him so I thought why not show everyone!

I just saw this little chap on a branch and 20 seconds into finding my lines a uht hurtles through the reserve and scares the little bird away.  That’s ok my lunchtime was nearly up anyway.

On my walk back, I bumped into the two workman from their uht and one asked what if I was sketching.  Er, yes!  Then asked what and I replied with kookaburra.  He asked if I was any good, and if he could see my sketch.
I find my sketchbooks quite intimate as its my practice at illustrating and moments to myself, so sometimes my sketches are just a horrible mess, and sometimes I’m proud of discovering something that I hadn’t created a few minutes ago.  I hate when people ask me if I am any good – for one, good is in the eye of the beholder, and one sketchbook page may not look as good as another page, but also to me ‘good’ is what I aim for everyday so that is why I replied saying I practice everyday.  To be good is what drives me on.

He said his daughter was into art and he knows all about it.  Putting in the lines first and then all the detail.   So I thought if my little furry friend wasn’t scared away then that little more detail may have been developed.  But that’s alright because my sketchbook is moments in time and I enjoyed my 20 seconds with the kookaburra.