Spider Hand Guitarist

Spider hand guitarist This is a fusion of two moments whilst at Maleny Music Festival a couple of weeks ago. First was in our accommodation we came across a massive huntsman spider and second watching a brilliant guitarist perform whose fingers were so nimble they reminded me of the huntsman darting across the ceiling!

Brisbane Drawing & Painting September 2015 Meetup – Walkabout Creek

    Today was Septembers meetup for the Brisbane Painting and Drawing Group, and the venue was the awesome Walkabout Creek at Brisbane Forest Park. This group is excellent to meet people with such variety of talent to learn and inspire from. I photographed two of my illustrations from today; one of a cute wallaby […]

Brisbane Writers Festival

I went to Brisbane Writers Festival today to see the Drawn from Experience panel discussing graphic novels. Jan Bauer was one of the panel members who was promoting his novel The Salty River of his journey of self discovery as he walked the Ihere Pirnte. I was captivated to buy his book and went to […]