Today, Hazel and I took part in the ‘Aussie Backyard Bird Count’ –; where you perform a short 20 minute bird survey and then upload your results into the website.

This afternoon we chose a short walk at Venman Bushland National Park where we spotted magpies, a black-chinned honeyeater, an eastern yellow robin and a black-faced cuckoo-shrike.  We also saw a few little wallabies 🙂

Then when we got home, with a beer on the terrace, we spotted 6 welcome swallows, 5 noisy miners, 64 rainbow lorikeets, 3 magpies and 1 ibis!  Though it was probably the same dozen lorikeets that just kept swirling around over head – haha!


Ringo the Ringtail Possum Bird Spotting Cute Illustration
Ringo enjoying his bird survey with Fizz!