I, the Old Duke of York, attended ‘Timeless Rhymes with Mark Carthew’ tonight..

Illustration of the Grnd Old Duke of York

In my quest for knowledge on creating Picture Books I attended a talk tonight by author Mark Carthew at Brisbane’s State Library, facilitated through May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust.

Amongst all of the illustrations, words and poems that Mark presented and sang to us, I spotted illustrations for ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ with soldiers wearing tall hats.  As York is my hometown I felt a little sentimental and wanted to illustrate myself wearing one of these tall hats and being the Grand Duke of York myself 🙂

Thanks to Mark, May Gibbs Trust and the State Library for once again fuelling my inspiring, motivation and knowledge.

3 replies on “I, the Old Duke of York, attended ‘Timeless Rhymes with Mark Carthew’ tonight..”

  1. Glad you enjoyed it ed

    If you like connections back to old rhymes and the serious history behind them, I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND GETTING HOLD OF:

    Jack, ALBERT 2008, Pop goes the weasel: The secret meanings of nursery rhymes, Allen Lane, London.

    It is a high interest read + illuminating

    Cheers, MARK

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you are getting creative with Mooses and Gooses!!

      See you at the Ipswich StoryArts Festival.


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