Where’s Fishy?

On Saturday I went to another great talk by Mark Carthew to learn further about his picture book creativity.  It was a wonderful event with a High Tea afterwards where I conversed with other authors and editors.  It put me on a height of inspiration afterwards. So what does this have to do with my fishy illustration […]

I, the Old Duke of York, attended ‘Timeless Rhymes with Mark Carthew’ tonight..

In my quest for knowledge on creating Picture Books I attended a talk tonight by author Mark Carthew at Brisbane’s State Library, facilitated through May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust. Amongst all of the illustrations, words and poems that Mark presented and sang to us, I spotted illustrations for ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ with soldiers wearing tall […]

Possum – Angel or Devil?

The final Monster Horror film I saw at GOMA was Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the story of how one man could unleash his sinister alter ego and live two separate lives.  Caught in the midst of the two characters was one female lead character who, unknown to her that they were actually the same person, described […]