Cartoon & Creative Writing Workshop at SWARA, Brisbane

I have recently begun art & craft volunteering at SWARA.  SWARA, Sunshine Welfare & Remedial Association is a multi-diagnostic disability centre in Brisbane.  Clients here can undertake a range of exciting crafts from baking, iron work, pottery and singing and dancing to name a few. When I started there was already some work begun on a piece of creative […]

Happy World Turtle Day Sand Sculpture!

In support of World Turtle Day, people are creating turtle sand sculptures around the globe.  As I was nowhere near sand today (other than what I saw in an aquatic shop!) I still wanted to show my commitment to these fantastic creatures – so here is my sand crafted turtle that I created last Christmas.  We […]

Sugar Glider Illustration For Mount Gravatt Environment Group – From a Wildlife Queensland Monitoring Day Out

Sugar Glider Illustration For more information:Hazel provides an excellent blog write up with her always brilliant photos Gravatt Environment Group: Queensland’s Glider Network: If you require a cartoon or illustration, or to use the one above, please contact me:eddcross_art@yahoo.comAustralia 0437805852

Holt Lightyear – To The Premiership & Beyond!!

 Grant Holt + Buzz Lightyear = Holt Lightyear!!  And so here is my second image for, which went up live last week.  The last few times Holt has scored he has been celebrating with his arms out like wings.  And I just kept thinking about Buzz Lightyear from Disney’s Toy Story with […]