Norwich City FC Brisbane Supporters

NCFC Brisbane Koala Last Saturday I watched the Norwich City Vs Man City game live in Brisbane.  Although a disappointing result it was great to meet other supporters within Brisbane.  This has been achieved through connecting within Canaries Downunder, the extremely fast growing Australasian based supporters group.  Even better is that I am able to supply my […]

Watch where you walk – there be spiderwebs!

Spiderweb in the path Do you see it?  No, I nearly didn’t either!  Whilst on my way to do some bushcare volunteering at Mt Gravatt I almost walked right into it.  As I was running a few minutes late I did a very quick scribble of it in my sketchbook.  As I wasn’t too happy with […]

Tree Planting Towards a Greener Brisbane Future

On Saturday morning I went to the suburb of Richardson with Mike Fox from Mount Gravatt Environment Group to do some tree planting, as organised by River City.  River City has an initiative with the Brisbane City Council who fund them to plant trees throughout the Brisbane areas.  It was a lovely bright sunny morning and was nice […]