Goldfish shopping!

I sketch this awhile ago when we bought our fish for our aquarium, and have now applied the colour!  At the time we went to see a film documenting artists from the Torres Straits making their journey over to Australia for their exhibition.  In this film I spotted one of the artists carried a guitar in […]

Incubus live in Brisbane

A couple of weeks ago I saw one of my favourite bands, Incubus, live in Brisbane!  I was almost very tempted to take my sketch book with me but it would have been difficult to dance with!!  Instead, as vocalist Brandon made a quick cheeky smile whilst shouting ‘Brisbane’ I closed my eyes and mentally drew […]

Aw, The Sleeping Golden Possum!

Could the world of possums get any cuter?  Yes, when we came across The Golden Possum! Last weekend Hazel and I went to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.  I always like to find new creatures that I never knew existed before, and when we read ‘Golden Possum’ on the enclosure I knew I’d be in for […]

A guilty possum!

Not matter how much Hazel’s tomatos had grown, overnight they would be mysteriously trimmed back an inch or two!  Then one night we spotted the night time tomato eater.  As he huddled around the side of the plant pot he knew he had been found out and his big cute eyes had a very guilty look in them…