Back Yard Nature Reserve #3 – Feeding time and the acrobatic possum

A few weeks I put my bird feeding tray up in the trees in the hope to attract some of the lovely Rainbow Lorikeets that fly overhead.

A week passed and nothing came to feed.

Another week passed and finally the seed attracted something.  It wasn’t a colourful Lorikeet as I’d hoped.  It was our little visitor of the night that comes rustling through the trees…

It was our little possum friend.
It took him a few goes to figure out how to descend from the branch and on to the tray.  But eventually he discovered that by wrapping his tail around the branch he could reach the tray with his front paws and mouth, and while his back legs were dangling, happily munched away on the seeds.

He then continued to munch and munch.

Eventually, he dropped down and sat in the tray and continued to munch…

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