The Great Oz Eddventure #58 – “Big Talk One Fire” Indigenous Cultural Festival in Cairns

On 20 August we arrived in Cairns for one night for the start of our North Queensland trip.  We saw a leaflet in our hotel advertising a monthly (always the last Friday) indigenous festival.  In August it was actually a special extended 5 day festival, and so we had to go and see the opening of the event.
I am so glad that we went to this, it was something special.  Due to hunger and tiredness we only stayed for two acts.  The first act was an indigenous rock kind of band singing about the culture in a modern harmonic away.  The second act contained a didgeridoo player and clap-stick instrumentalist on stage whilst a dance troop took to the floor below them.  This was sensational – the sounds of the didgeridoo were out of this world and went straight through you, and the dancers’ energy were inspiring and captivating.  There were also stalls selling indigenous artwork and jewellery.
We felt very privileged to witness that evening’s festival and I will remember it for a long time.
Credit to Hazel for the photos!