Franki Sparke’s Visual Storytelling Course – Week 4/14

This was a very enjoyable productive non stop drawing week for me.  Firstly, through the observation work I am building confidence in carrying my sketchbook around with me, and even talking to people about what I am doing.  This weeks observation work was about body language, and these five are my favourite observational sketches of the week:

As well as observation work, we were continuing on our character developments.  From last week we had our created heads, and so this week we were giving them bodies.  For this example, here is Fish Man:
But to get to our desired body design, Franki wanted us to work loosely and small and then to build up from there.  So I moved over to developing my other favourite character from last week which was Wedge Tailed Eagle Man (these won’t be their real names, as I haven’t decided on that yet!), and as you can see from my illustrations below this character began to show some real potential working from loose and small illustrations:
I really enjoyed getting stuck into this character as he became addictive and dynamic to illustrate.  I was even more bosted when Franki said my loose sketches of him were ‘magical’!! 🙂