Blog update

My blog is processed through Blogger, and from there I ftp’ed it to my domain so I could keep it consistent with my home page (under
However, now blogger is withdrawing this ability, and I am returning my blog back to blogger’s hosting (as you can see in the blog’s new address).

So blogger now requires me to migrate my blog back to their hosting.  For this, I was under the impression that blogger would shift everything back over, so once the migration to blogger was complete I deleted my blog files from my domain.
Unfortunately, I was soon to realise that blogger only took the writing and left the images on my domain!  This means (as you can see) that my blog entries are now all without images – grrr!

So I just thought I would explain this in case anyone was actually wondering, and also share this annoying experience for others who are about to go through the same migration!

This may take me a few hours to reload all my pictures, so I will do this on my next day off – so you will see my pictureless blog for a little while yet, I’m afraid..