The Great Oz Eddventure #14 – Wallaby cross fostering

At work on Friday I was provided with a fantastic opportunity to witness a very extraordinary and spectactular event, which was called cross fostering, involving Rock Wallabys. In the wild there are around 40 Brush Tailed Rock Wallabys left, and so this operation will hopefully help to revive the population numbers. This is done through […]

Fish Tango #1

Wherever I am I always try and think of how the situation could be translated into a cartoon sketch, and on this particular occassion I was at a tango social dance, and then it came to me to see how fish would take to dancing…

New address for my blog

 have now moved my blog over to my domain, so you can now find it at I found it very difficult and bothersome to modify it once I had transferred it, that it took my whole day off to do!  Does anybody else find it difficult to modify once they have transferred their blogger […]