Three Things I Learnt From ZICS 2016

Edd Cross Brisbane Illustrator and Cartoonist table at ZICS 2016

Here’s the second of three posts from my day at ZICS on Sunday.  This one focuses on three things I learnt:

1. Your table needs height
A couple of things that stood out to me were Ashcan’s mini easel on their table holding up a comic, and Tom Caffrey’s self built A-Frame that stood about half a metre tall making his comics visible right across the event!  Brilliant ideas!

2. New Zine per Event
The talented Demika from Dtime Comics was sat behind me and had her table completely covered in awesome zines and illustrations.  She said she brings out a new zine for every new event.

3. Respect Nature!
A few tables to my right was Honey Elizabeth who is also inspired by nature with her beautiful illustrations, but what was more lovely was that 10% of every sale of hers goes to saving the bees!  Respect!

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