Three Praises I Received at ZICS 2016

Edd Cross Brisbane Illustrator and Cartoonist table at ZICS 2016

After yesterdays day at ZICS, instead of doing a long blog post report on it I thought I’d break it down into three posts all saying three things in each, and today is three praises!!

 1. ‘so cute’, ‘adorable’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘lovely’
It was great to receive these compliments as people looked at and read my mini comics.  Every time I draw Australian wildlife I aim to make them extremely cute and adorable just like the beautiful animals themselves, so its always reassuring to hear these words directly from the public 🙂

2. ‘I like your style’
Thank you very much to the people who mentioned this.  I think the more you draw on your artistic journey the more you discover about your style, and I love to draw Aussie animals.  My style is cute Australian wildlife and I am glad it brings a smile to faces.

3. ‘Jolly and fun’
It was nice to have Sean Leahy visiting my table and having a good chat with him.  Sean runs the Brisbane Painting and Drawing Group that I attend.  Sean had been around most of the tables and said it was nice to read a mini comic that was jolly and fun.

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