The social sexual etiquette of Wallaroos!!

Ok, so I couldn’t think of a better title for this blog post, but it is fitting!!  Today in the Sanctuary at Tidbinbilla we stumbled across 4 Wallaroos – 2 of which were engaged in mating!  The other two were both males and they obviously knew that she was in ‘season’ so they approached the mating couple as they also wanted to sow their seed.  But every time they approached the main male fought them off defending his territory, and then he went on back to resuming his mating!  This happened a few times as the males didn’t know when to stop trying their luck, and it would seem that the couple wouldn’t be left alone long enough to finish their deed!

Then in the afternoon I stumbled across the couple again, but this time they were out for the count after their busy mornings activity!

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