The Great Oz Eddventure #68 – Jenolan Caves

The Jenolan Caves were quite literally awe inspiring and mind boggling, which proved difficult to not keep your jaw from dropping!  This is not only because the shapes, sizes and colours of both the cave and it’s crystals are so spectacular, but also to know that the caves themselves were once shellfish and coral, now converted naturally into Limestone since almost the dawn of the Earth.

(now I take a moment to think about that once more)

On Saturday night Hazel had booked us in to a concert, and the concert was actually IN the cave.  It was a gypsy band – a violinist and guitarist – can you see them in my picture above?  The caves own natural acoustics created the perfect ambiance for them!

On Monday we went on two guided cave walks – the River Cave and the Orient Cave.  Both are sensational.  Points that interested me most I sketched (and this I did in the darkness of the cave!  Then I later copied them to make the above picture.); the broken column, crystal chandeliers, wombat bones, bats, ladders to great heights, and kids exploring in kid-size shaped hollows in rocks.
Now what I am unable to show in my picture is the lighting effects that have been installed into the caves to really enhance the prominent features.  There was an underground river too, and the Scuba Diver in me wanted to go and explore this….

If you do go here for a long weekend like we did, then I would also recommend walking Kanangra Walls, which we did on Sunday.  This had breathtaking views of the Blue Mountains.

Hazel had once again booked us into an amazing accommodation.  This time we had Deer to keep us company outside, which were just begging me to get my sketchbook out:

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