The Great Oz Eddventure #62 – Atherton Birds of Prey One on One Emcounter with a Wedge Tailed Eagle

Leaving the Daintree, and heading back towards Cairns airport for our flight home, we took a slight detour towards the Atherton Tablelands.  Here, there is Atherton Birds of Prey through which I had prebooked a one on one encounter with their Wedge Tailed Eagle for us, which was a nice little surprise for Hazel.

For those that have read my previous blog posts will have noticed how the Wedge Tailed Eagles at Tidbinbilla have captured my interest in these magnificent birds, and this was an awesome opportunity to be able to see one up close.

Mark, the handler, greeted us and after a little chat (we found out that he previously did the Falconry at Flamingo Land, a theme park close-ish to where we used to live in North Yorkshire, UK – what a small world this is!) he introduced us to Bill, his Wedgy!  At times it was hard to know who to give attention to – Mark with his booming personality and knowledge of Wedgys, or Bill bouncing around the grass looking longingly into Mark’s esky for his breakfast!

Mark provided us with thick gloves, with which he would then place Bill’s breakfast into – a small piece of raw meat – and then the exciting, but also nerving part, when Bill would fly and swoop towards you and land on your hand and guzzle down the meat.  This was an amazing sight at the end of your arm!

I only wish that we could have had more time with Bill!

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