The Great Oz Eddventure #61 – Daintree Rainforest: a cartoon perspective…

After Port Douglas, Hazel and I headed further north and stayed for three night in the Daintree Rainforest at Coral Sea View, which is an amazing Bed and Breakfast where you had your own cabin with stunning views of the rainforest coupled with the Coral Sea in the distance!

Being a rainforest it did rain, and I thought further about the name rainforest, and wondered what if it actually rained a forest:

On our way to the Rainforest we took a trip up the Daintree River on a search for crocodiles.  We went with Solar Whisper who I recommend as as the name says they are solar powered which means less noise and pollution, which means that the boat could actually get a it closer to the crocodiles, and a few crocodiles we did see 🙂
To keep on the large reptile theme, there was a lot of lovely walking to be done around the Daintree, and I wondered what if a walking group were all told to bring their gaiters to wear, and my character misheard what they said:
Now this image is probably more Great Barrier Reef related, but we were told that there are some sharks in the Daintree River too.

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