The Great Oz Eddventure #32 – Ringtail Possum Joey

This is my 100th blog post, and what a cute post it is!
At the weekend, Hazel and I had a trip to Sydney.  Returning back to our hotel on Saturday evening we came across a tiny Ringtail Possum joey waddling around the hotels entrance.  Unfortunately we weren’t the only ones who had our eyes on him – there were magpies, crows and mynas all circling around the trees above hoping that the little joey would be their evening meal!
So with the help of the hotel manager we collected the little chap and took him to the nearby vet, as mother possum was nowhere to be seen (so there was no mothers day card for her the next day!!).  This made Hazel’s weekend as she was able to hold him in her hands and he was ever so soft.
We hope he is still doing well!

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