The Great Oz Eddventure #28 – Aboriginal Rock Art

Today, Hazel and I went to Yankee Hut in Namadgi Nature Reserve where there is Aboriginal Rock Art.  The rock is on a 2 hour return easy walk, and on route we came across Flamed Robins, Currawongs, Galahs, Magpies, Wattlebirds and an orchestra of frog calls!  The rock itself is large, and I felt very privileged to see the artwork which could be tens of thousands of years old, even more…
You can make out images of kangaroo, turtle, humans, and other shapes to get your imagination going.  This really is another great attraction in Canberra!
I couldn’t believe that you could get so close to such a relic – I thought there would have been a glass barrier for such ancient artwork.
This great experience was unfortunately tarred by finding the odd bits of litter on the floor, and wondered who could do such a mindless act?
Though leaving the Rock Art, I wondered if any other rocks in the region have art on them too….  Did they only paint one rock in this location?
Pictures of the rock art:

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