The Great Oz Eddventure #22 – Camping with Possums

Last weekend we camped here at Bournda National Park, which is a lovely camp site to a host of nature – Kookaburras, Bell Birds, Rainbow Lorrikeets to name a few.

One story I would like to tell is the story of Hazel’s bag of tomatos!

We had just finished our bbq on Friday night and darkness had just settled in.  I heard a rustling near our cool box and after shining the torch there it revealed nothing.  Then another rustling.  I got up to have a look and there was a possum tucking into Hazel’s bag of tomatos!  The bag was about as big as he was, and once he saw me approaching he wanted to run away, but still with the bag of tomatos in his mouth!  It was hilarious!

Checking the bag of tomatos the next day revealed that the possum had taken a bite out of one of them.  So Hazel took that one out and left it on the edge of our camping pitch for the Possum to have later.  But another animal beat him to it, as a Swamp Wallaby with no ears appeared and ate it!
That’s the end of the tomato story!  Later on Saturday night a flock of Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos appeared, and I had to create a picture of one of those too as they are beautiful birds.

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