The Great Oz Eddventure #102 – Age of Fishes

The Age of Fishes is a museum in Canowindra which holds fish fossils from 360 million years ago!!!  At that time a river flooded and then dried up leaving the fish stranded.  It reflooded again covering the bodies in silt causing the fossilisation until their recent discovery!  This shows how there weren’t any other land living predators to eat them.  Amongst the fish fossils found, it has been discovered that some of the fish of this time period were starting to show signs of developing neck, arms and hand structures – which are body parts familiar to us all!  Yes, this is an important part of our evolutionary past!

Also in the museum were some excellent interpretative posters explaining the theories of creation and how the world has evolved over time.  It blew me away to think how the world has changed so much in time in both physical and chemical natures to make our life possible at this present moment.  So I drew a little diagram showing how evolution and nature have worked hand in hand to allow us to live in the now!

This museum is a definite must.  The slabs of fossils are just there to touch and admire.  It is such a shame that the digs and research are no longer funded and rely heavily on donations, especially when you realise the importance that this knowledge could bring us one step closer to that ultimate question in life I wished I could donate a hell of a lot more to this cause!

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