The Great Ox Eddventure #17 – Wallaby Cross Fostering part 2

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Since I saw the cross fostering operation at Tidbinbilla where I work, I have been wondering how the Southern Brush Tail Wallaby knows that he/she is a Brush Tail and not a Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby like it’s Foster mother.
Well, at the weekend I joined our volunteer’s training program and got a look behind the scenes at the Captive Breeding Building where the foster wallabys are with their fostered joeys.
Hear I heard that when the joeys leave their foster mother’s pouch, the staff collect the joeys and place them altogether in their own enclosure.  That way all the Brush Tails are together and all grow up together, so have no lingering thoughts of being a Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby.
And the foster mother?  She is now ready to take on board another Brush Tail joey and the cycle continues..

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